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  • Luxembourg is supporting the Suwannimit Foundation Statement 06/08/2020

    The Government of Luxembourg commits to continue supporting the Suwannimit Foundation through Dr. Cynthia Maung and the Mae Tao Clinic in providing free health care for refugees, in empowering women and in fighting human trafficking along the Thai-Myanmar border.  


    รัฐบาลลักเซมเบิร์กให้คำมั่นในการสนับสนุนอย่างต่อเนื่องแก่คุณหมอซินเทีย หม่อง แห่งแม่ตาวคลินิกซึ่งทำงานร่วมกับมูลนิธิสุวรรณนิมิตโดยให้ความช่วยเหลือด้านสาธารณสุขที่ไม่คิดค่าใช้จ่ายแก่ผู้พลัดถิ่น รวมไปถึงการพัฒนาบทบาทสตรีและการต่อต้านการค้ามนุษย์ในพื้นที่ชายแดนไทย-พม่า


  • Information Statement 17/07/2020

    Do not wait until September 26 to regularize your stay in Thailand or to prepare for your return flight

    The Embassy informs that Luxembourg tourists who have received an automatic visa extension until 26 September, 2020 thanks to the Thai authorities due to the health crisis linked to COVID-19, must organize their return to Luxembourg or to their country of residence in order to comply with the regulations in force, and thus avoid going over-stay in the Kingdom, or to regularize their stay. For this reason, the Embassy will not issue extension letters. It is imperative to inquire about available flights and to leave the territory no later than September 26, 2020, or to organize directly with the competent immigration services the regularization of your situation before September 26.

    Long-term visa holders have to submit an application for extension which shall be submitted at any local Immigration Office from now until September 26, 2020.

    Notification of residence (90 days) having a due date from March 26 until July 31, 2020, must be made from now. You can have more information at the Immigration website .

    Luxembourg citizens who are holding Border Passes will be allowed to stay in Thailand until 26 September, 2020. However, Luxembourg citizens with Border Passes must depart Thailand within 7 days of the border crossing points opening date.


    Schengen Visa applications have resumed

    The Embassy of Luxembourg wishes to inform that Schengen visas issuance have resumed under certain conditions, and with due respect of applicable physical distancing provisions as well as instructions form the consular section of the Embassy (see "New visa applications accepted").


    Some commercial flights are operational from Thailand to return back home

    The Embassy draws the attention of all Luxembourg residents to the fact that four airlines (Eva Air, Korean Air, Lufthansa, and Qatar) are still operating flights out of Bangkok to Europe. In addition, Turkish Airlines resumed its domestic flights since June 1 and will gradually resume its international flights from June 10 to various European destinations. KLM has suspended all flights from Bangkok to Europe . This company will resume its flights from 1st September 2020.


    Thailand has closed its borders to foreigners but leaving the kingdom is allowed

    The Government announced on June 13, 2020 that the Cabinet had decided to stop the curfew from June 15, 2020. The maintenance of closed borders is still in force until 31 July 2020 at least. It is not allowed to transit or enter into Thailand except diplomats or family member of a Thai citizen. A quarantine of 14 days is in force for individual allowed to enter into Thailand.

  • Team Europe mobilises over €800 million to support fight against the coronavirus in the ASEAN region Statement 19/07/20

    To support partner countries in the fight against the coronavirus and its consequences, the European Union has mobilised a “Team Europe” package of over €800 million for the ASEAN region.

    The funds will support actions at country and regional level to address the immediate health crisis, strengthen health, water and sanitation systems, as well as mitigate the socio-economic impact.

    The package includes regional support to the WHO, as well as to enhance collaboration between scientific organisations. In ASEAN Member States, programmes target civil society support, budget support for economic recovery, health care facilities and testing capacities, as well as humanitarian assistance.

    The EU is working with ASEAN on a regional level to exchange experiences in regional responses to the crisis. The first virtual EU-ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting held on 20 March 2020 agreed that both regions would work together to deal with the Coronavirus crisis and its consequences.

    The European Union has launched a “Team Europe” package of almost €36 billion to support partner countries around the globe. The objective of this “Team Europe” approach is to combine resources from the EU, its Member States, and financial institutions, in particular the European Investment Bank, based in Luxembourg, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. [...]

    Read the full article at

  • New visa applications accepted Statement 01/07/2020

    In order to lift the temporary restriction on non-essential travel into the EU for Thai citizens, the Consular Section of the Embassy accepts new visa applications under certain conditions from 1st of July 2020.

    The current uncertain travel options for a timely return to Thailand before the expiry of the Schengen visa may negatively influence the decision on a visa application. We recommend visa applicants not to apply until commercial return flights to Thailand have resumed, except for imperative family reasons and urgent cases.

    Every two weeks, travel restrictions may be totally or partially lifted or reintroduced for Thailand, according to changes of the Covid-19 epidemiological situation.

    New access methods to the Consular Section of the Embassy:

    1/ Make an appointment. 2/ Be on time. 3/ Come alone except if you are a minor. 4/ Wear a mask and use your own pen. 5/ Have the exact amount. 6/ Present a proof of residence legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand and translated by a sworn translator.






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  • FAQ regarding the COVID-19 situation in Thailand Statement 01/08/2020

    Can foreigners travel to Thailand?

    No, they cannot. Foreigners are banned from entering, transfering or transiting the Kingdom of Thailand, at all points with the exception of diplomats, cargo shipments, pilots, and foreigners with a work permit until further notice. Visitors or residents can still leave the country.

    Is there any existing curfew in Thailand?

    No, since June 15, 2020.


  • Ambassador Jean-Paul Senninger met Dr. Laura Altinger and Yossi Zahar from Earth Wake Statement 09/06/2020

    Ambassador Jean-Paul Senninger met Dr. Laura Altinger and Yossi Zahar from  Earthwake , recipient of the  ICFA - International Climate Finance Accelerator  Spring Cohort 2020 in Luxembourg.
    Earth Wake supports vulnerable communities, entrepreneurs and micro SMEs in Asia-Pacific to transition to climate-resilient practices and implement low-carbon solutions.
    Earth Wake will set up an investment fund and an investment vehicle in Luxembourg providing climate finance at scale through debt capital markets and technical assistance to enable Micro Insurance Institutions (MFIs) across Asia-Pacific to strengthen resilience, adapt to climate change and grow sustainably. Yossi Zahar stressed that “Earth Wake aims to quantify risk and to bring it to capital markets”.

    Earth Wake will soon take full advantage of Luxembourg’s sustainable finance ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region and provide European and international investors with an innovative investment route into climate and sustainable funds.

  • Luxembourg supports education in Myamar during Covid-19 Statement 18/05/2020

    Luxembourg is working together with the European Union and member States Denmark, Finland, France and Germany to support education in Myanmar during Covid-19 with current combined contributions of over 500 million EUR.

    You can see the video on Youtube

  • Luxembourg is supporting the Government of Lao in its response to COVID-19 pandemic Statement 23/04/2020

    The Luxembourg Cooperation, through its Lao-Luxembourg Health Sector Support Programme - Phase II (LAO/027) implemented by LuxDev, is supporting the Government of Lao PDR in its response to COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

    You can read full article here

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