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  • Luxembourg supports education in Myamar during Covid-19 Statement 18/05/2020

    Luxembourg is working together with the European Union and member States Denmark, Finland, France and Germany to support education in Myanmar during Covid-19 with current combined contributions of over 500 million EUR.

    You can see the video on Youtube

  • Information Statement 15/05/2020

    The Embassy of Luxembourg wishes to inform that passports issuance resumed as normal on Monday, 18 May 2020, and with due respect of applicable physical distancing provisions.


    The Embassy draws the attention of all Luxembourg residents to the fact that five airlines (Eva Air, KLM, Korean Air, Lufthansa, and Qatar) are still operating flights out of Bangkok to Europe.


    Thai authorities grant permission to foreigners of all nationalities residing in Thailand an automatic visa extension for ALL visa types including Visa on Arrival which have not expired prior to 26 March 2020. Luxembourg citizens will be able to stay in Thailand until 31 July 2020 without having to apply for an extension at the Immigration Office for this period and will not be fined THB 500 per day for this case. A similar extension was granted until April 30.

    Luxembourg citizens who are due for 90 days reports between 26 of March and 31 of July 2020 are temporarely exempted from reporting in this period until further notice. However, it is still be possible to do online on the Immigration website .

    Luxembourg citizens who are holding Border Passes will be allowed to stay in Thailand for now. However, Luxembourg citizens with Border Passes must depart Thailand within 7 days of the border crossing points opening date.


    National State of Emergency/Nation-wide Curfew Officially Extended to May 31: The government spokesperson announced on 28 April that the Cabinet has decided to extend to May 31 the national state of emergency and related measures, which includes maintaining border closures and the present 10 pm to 4 am curfew.

  • Luxembourg is supporting the Government of Lao in its response to COVID-19 pandemic Statement 23/04/2020

    The Luxembourg Cooperation, through its Lao-Luxembourg Health Sector Support Programme - Phase II (LAO/027) implemented by LuxDev, is supporting the Government of Lao PDR in its response to COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

    You can read full article here

  • FAQ regarding the COVID-19 situation in Thailand Statement 01/04/2020

    Can foreigners travel to Thailand?

    No, they cannot. Foreigners are banned from entering, transfering or transiting the Kingdom of Thailand, at all points with the exception of diplomats, cargo shipments, pilots, and foreigners with a work permit until further notice. Visitors or residents can still leave the country.

    Is there any existing curfew in Thailand?

    Yes, there is a nationwide night curfew from 22.00 to 04.00 hr from 3 April 2020 onward until further notice. Under the curfew, people are prohibited from staying outside their premises, except in case of necessity and those who must perform their duties in medical services, banking, transportation of consumer goods, agricultural products, medecines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, newspapers, fuel, parcels, and export and import items, the movements of people for quarantine, the travel of people on duty at night time, and the travel of people to and from the airport, with documents on the necessity of travel and on their products, as well as their measures in disease prevention.


  • Hotline for Covid-19 Statement 23/03/20

    +66 (0)65 536 5150

  • COVID-19 Statement 23/03/2020

    It is advisable for all Luxembourg tourists and visitors passing through Thailand to return to Luxembourg as soon as possible due to the epidemic of covid-19 which is developing in the kingdom and its neighboring countries.
    Since March 22, foreigners are prohibited from entering or transiting through Thailand, unless they are able to present a "Covid-19" medical certificate. Read the table carefully, published on March 19 by the Civil aviation authority of Thailand. The interpretation of what is a "negative covid-19 certificate" may vary from one airline to another. It is therefore recommended to inquire about this point with the airline.
    The medical certificate does not concern Luxembourgers (tourists and residents) who wish to leave the country. They can do so without a medical certificate, on commercial flights still available.

  • Temporary suspension of visa and passport applications Statement 22/02/2020

    The issuance of short-term visas (C visas) and the issuance of long-term visas (D visas) as well as the issuance of visas in representation by other countries are temporarily suspended for 30 days, and subject to be renewed if necessary.

    Exemptions apply to : health professionals, health researchers and elderly care professionals; persons employed in the transport of goods and persons employed in the transport of goods and persons, including airline personnel; members of the diplomatic corps, personnel of international organisations, military personnel, personnel in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, in the course of the performance of their official duties ; persons seeking international protection or subsidiary protection in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or for other humanitarian reasons. 

    Issuance of passports and of travel documents: 

    Urgent requests are exempted from this new measures but will be subject to prior approval by the Passport, Visa and Legalization Office in Luxembourg.

    Requests for passport renewals must be duly justified.

    During the 30 days period, the legalisation services of the Embassy will continue to operate as normal.

  • Press release for Luxembourg nationals currently abroad Statement 17/03/2020

    The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs asks Luxembourg nationals and residents who are currently staying abroad or studying abroad to urgently check their possibilities to make their way back to Luxembourg. Indeed, the availability of options to come back diminishes as more and more countries impose restrictions on movement. In these circumstances, there is a risk that a return to Luxembourg may soon not be possible anymore. As of today, the Ministry recommends Luxembourg nationals and residents who are currently abroad, especially outside of the Schengen space, and depending on their particular situation, to check with their travel agency and/or airline for return flights to Luxembourg. If needed, contact the Luxembourg embassy accredited to the country in question or the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

    For Luxembourg nationals and residents who wish to return to Luxembourg, the borders will be open.

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