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Consular Services

The Consular Section of the embassy of Luxembourg in Bangkok is aim at informing major events bound to the security situation of Thailand as well as certain administrative procedures, and to support and assist Luxembourg citizens within the limit of its prerogatives and capacity. It is noteworthy that certain services and acts are chancery fee-based.

In order to improve the quality of our consular assistance and to help you even more with administrative procedures, the Embassy has introduced a dedicated email address:

The Embassy invites you to use the above mentioned email address exclusively for consular matters, such as:

  • requests for information regarding consular procedures and assistance;
  • requests for registering  your coordinates in the Embassy’s register of Luxembourg nationals living Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam;
  • application for passport or identity card;
  • filing Schengen Visa Application for nationals of third countries (non-EU nationals);
  • issuing emergency travel document for Luxembourg citizens (laissez-passer) in case of loss or theft of the travel documents;
  • legalization of Thai documents only and/or their translation;
  • providing certificates of life, of non-impediment to marriage, of income, of residence, etc.

Please also note that the Consulate does not have any competence as a notary nor expertise in notarial matters nor in matters of civil law (e.g. the Consulate does not issue birth certificates, citizenship certificates, notarial certification of signature). We also wish to emphasize that the Embassy is unable to give you any legal advice.

The Consulate’s opening times are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The Consulate closes for Thai public holidays. It is advisable to schedule an appointment, either by phone, please dial 02 677 7360, or by sending an email to




The consular section issues short stay visas (up to 90 days within any 180-day period) and long stay visas* (upper 90 days) for Thai nationals and other third-country nationals who live legally in Thailand and where Luxembourg is the main destination.

For short-term stay visas, applicants are required to come in person to the Consular Section when lodging their application. It is recommended to read carefully the instructions provided under the entry " Visa to Luxembourg " to go forward through all the stages of the visa application process.

*For long-term stay visas or to work regardless of the length of the stay, applicants are required to send their application directly to the Immigration Directorate in Luxembourg. It is permitted to forward the application through the Consular Section. It should be noted that the application is in no way scrutinized in Bangkok. The decision is taken in Luxembourg within no more than 3 months of receipt of the application. Once the authorization has been obtained through the approval of the Immigration Directorate in Luxembourg, the visa will be issued in Bangkok. Please check the following entry " Visa to Luxembourg " for full details.



passeport WEB

Biometric passport applications are submitted at the Consular Section. Then the passport is manufactured in 10 working days and can be sent to the Embassy three weeks later. However, applicants may receive more quickly their travel documents by instructing an authorized representative in Luxembourg or requesting an emergency passport (which can be withdrawn only in Luxembourg city, and extra fees are applicable).

Biometric ID cards

Carte identité WEB

Biometric ID cards applications are submitted at the Consular Section then forwarded to Luxembourg for further manufacture. Only Luxembourg citizens who are registered with their address abroad into the National Registry are allowed to apply. Otherwise they must directly apply in Luxembourg.

Financial support


The Embassy cannot loan money or provide other financial means to Luxembourgian citizens in distress in Thailand, particularly to buy a flight ticket to return home except in cases of exceptional gravity subject to future reimbursement. So it is recommended to contact family or friends first.