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Biometric National Identity Card

Carte identité


From July 1st, 2014 Luxembourgian citizens living abroad may obtain a Luxembourg biometric Identity Card (ID) although the detention of an ID card is not compulsory for citizens who not reside within the European Union territory. ID cards are delivered on request, and provided that holders are registered on the National Registry of the Physical Persons (RNPP in French) with their address in the host country. Otherwise, the request should be done at the municipality of residence in Luxembourg as recorded on the RNPP.

The ID card is valid for 10 years for individuals above 15 years of age. The tax is set at 34 euros (for individuals above 15 years of age), and must be paid prior to the application by bank transfer or cash payment to the following account: CCPL No. IBAN LU44 1111 7028 7715 0000, BIC code CCPLLULL, beneficiary:

B.P. 1111
L-1011 Luxembourg

For transfers from a country outside the SEPA zone, the "OUR" box (i.e. all charges to be borne by the originator) should be checked. Bank transfer charges shall in no case be borne by the beneficiary. A proof of payment must be presented at the Embassy.

For further details regarding the ID card, please visit the or read the French PDF document

Biometric ID Card Application Form (PDF in French)