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5Oth anniversary of the Francophonie

Published Thursday February 27 2020

This year, Luxembourg is assuming the role of country coordinator of the Month of the Francophonie in Thailand.

The Month of the Francophonie is organized each year around the world in March, to promote the French language in the context of cultural diversity, as well as to reinforce the cooperation among member states. This year is a special year for the Francophonie, because it marks the 5Oth anniversary of the organization. For 50 years, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie allows people from different parts of the world to build a closer relationship, thanks to the sharing of the common French language.

The opening ceremony took place at the Alliance Française, the 27 February, gathering Francophonie’s lovers. The ambassador, Mr Jean Paul Senninger made an opening speech in partnership with Mrs Pascale Fabre, the directress of the Alliance.

Gastronomic dishes from different countries were proposed during the ceremony, representing the cultural diversity of the members of the Francophonie. The guests were able to taste couscous, Vietnamese spring rolls, as well as Belgian fries or Swiss raclette.

During the ceremony, the program of the different events of the Month of the Francophonie has been presented to the public.