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Financial Assistance from the Embassy of Luxembourg assists two Bangkok Metropolitan Administration schools

Published Thursday January 30 2020

A financial assistance from the Embassy of Luxembourg has been provided to assist two Bangkok Metropolitan Administration schools: Matthayom Suwit Serinusorn School and Kaenthing Upatham School. The assistance focused on strengthening experimental in the environment and ecology learning fields, and included a trip in order to exchange experiences in the area


Matthayom Suwit Serinusorn School

Solar panel set

The solar panel will be used in conjunction with science experiments and community engagement. Due to the schools limited space and the laboratory’s readiness, most experiments are conducted at other nearby schools. The experiments focus on waste treatment, food waste and water treatment as well as community engagement. This consists for example by giving away fertilizers produced by the project for growing vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. The solar panel set also works to complement the storage facility earlier donated by the Embassy. Additionally, the solar panel is also expected to help fight the pollution in the waterways.


Kaenthing Upatham School

Mini greenhouse

The mini greenhouse is designed as a living experiment for upper secondary science students. The experiments, which are based on the previous work of producing fertilizers and vermicompost, test the effectiveness of different formulas of fertilizers and vermicompost. This mini greenhouse is used to control some of the external variables that could have an impact on the results of the experiments. In doing so the students are able to identify key variables. A fundamental skill when studying science.


What’s next?

The Embassy will continue its assistance as part of an overall effort based on the achievements and learning progress of the students who have registered in science education as well as feedback from students and teachers.