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Published Thursday March 26 2020

Due to COVID-19 situation, all Embassy staffs are now working from home.

For Consular matter, please contact +66 95 562 6555 (FR/EN)

For more information regarding COVID-19 situation, please contact +66 65 536 5150 (FR/EN/LU)

For other matter, please contact +66 81 855 0362 (FR/EN/TH)


The Embassy draws the attention of all Luxembourg residents to the fact that Thai Airlines and Lufthansa still offer flights to Frankfurt in particular, and Qatar Airlines allows travelers to go to Europe via Doha (in transit) until now.


Is your residence permit or visa expiring? The Luxembourg embassy in Thailand will exceptionally issue a visa extension request certificate.

To obtain this certificate, please send your request to indicating your full name (surname and first name(s)), your passport number, the expiry date of your passport, your date and place of birth, your address in Thailand and Luxembourg, a reachable telephone number, a contact person in Luxembourg in case of emergency with his/her name, email and telephone number. Also indicate when your visa expires in Thailand.