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First-time passport

In general, first-time passports are intended to Luxembourgian new-born children or to Luxembourgian minors. The process is based on two steps. It is recommended to schedule all steps at least one month in advance before getting the passport.

1st step: contact the Luxembourgian citizenship office

Please contact the Office in charge of Luxembourgian citizenship (Service de l’Indigénat) either by email: or by fax: (+352) 26 20 27 59. The Office in charge of Luxembourgian citizenship will enroll the applicant in the National Registry and will issue a national identification number to this individual (which it is used to clearly identify all residents within the country or Luxembourgian citizens abroad).

2nd step: passport application at the consular section

It is recommended to arrange an appointment before submitting a biometric passport application. Please dial +66 (0)2 677 7360 or contact us by email:

Passport validity is 2 years for new-born children and children under 4 (€30). It is valid for 5 years (€50) for other citizens. Digital fingerprinting requirement is waived for minor children under 12.

Documents required for the application:

  • Passport application form duly filled out, dated and signed stating the child’s height
  • ID national number of the applicant
  • Certified true copy of the original of the data page of the passport, or the ID card of the legal parents or guardians
  • Family Book or birth certificate of the applicant, legalized and translated into English, French or German if relevant
  • Proof of payment for the passport. The tax can be paid by bank transfer or cash payment to the postal account of the Passport Office (Bureau des passports): IBAN LU 46 1111 1298 0014 0000 CCPLLULL. It is also possible to pay online on
  • One recent photograph in color, 35-40mm in width, not pasted or stapled

Photo enfant

Passport applications for non-emancipated children are submitted by one of the parents who has parental authority (under article IX of the Civil Code), or by the legal guardian. In cases of divorce or pending divorce, passport applications for children shall be submitted by the parent who has parental authority from the court.

Both parents are entitled to submit the application of their children when this authority has been attributed jointly to them by the court or by law. Passport applications for children placed in the custody of a guardian, who is an establishment, is accepted only if a power of attorney is submitted (e.g. when a social worker submits the application for a child who is held in his/her institution).

This also concerns adults under guardianship. One of the parents without parental authority or a third person submitting a passport application for a child shall present a warrant duly signed by the parent who possesses parental authority over the child and legalized by the competent authorities. The signature of the principal shall be authenticated on the warrant.

When passport applications for minor children are submitted by one of the parents who has a legal address different from their children, the municipality administration as well as the Passport Office may require additional documents regarding parental authority. When one of the parents is not able to provide the required supporting documents sought by the municipality administration or by the Passport Office as mentioned in the earlier paragraph, the passport application process will be denied.

Delivery times and picking up passports
The Foreign and European Affairs Ministry organizes a mailing from Luxembourg to the Embassy in Bangkok every three or four weeks only. The Embassy will either contact by email or by phone call the person named to pick up the passport of the child as stated during the application. If the Embassy cannot join the designated person, the latter should contact the Embassy in a timely manner as passports cannot be held more than 6 months from the delivery date by the competent authority.

Children passports may be picked up by one of the parents who has no parental authority or by a third person only if they have been designated by the person submitting the application. If a warrant was either granted to one of the parents who has no parental authority or a third person regarding a passport application, the latter are implicitly entitled to pick up the passport.  Minor children’ passport holders are entitled to pick up their passport only if they were duly stated by one of the parents who has parental authority or by the legal guardian when the application has been submitted, and if minor children aged 12 or over. Passports may be picked up at the Passport Office in Luxembourg:

Bureau des passeports, visas et légalisations

6, rue de l'Ancien Athénée
L-1144 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 247 - 88300
Fax: (+352) 22 02 91
Service hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM