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Travel advice for Laos

Last update: 2 January 2020 - still current
Security situation and recommendations

Dengue fever can be present in Laos. Preventive measures are essential, namely:

  • protect yourself against mosquitoes by using quality repellents;
  • wear clothing that covers the skin;
  • protect babies and young children by placing them under an airtight mosquito net.

In case of febrile syndrome, it is strongly advised to consult a hospital or a doctor on the spot, or, if the fever intervenes on the return to Luxembourg, to mention his stay in Laos. 

Formalities to enter and stay in Laos

The validity of the passport must be at least 6 months longer than the time spent in Laos.

Travelers must ensure that the date of entry is properly stamped on their passport by the Immigration Service, at the risk of paying a fine (at least US$ 200) for illegal stay in Laos. In addition, travelers' attention is drawn to the fact that border posts can be closed, and the issuance of visas interrupted, without any prior information.

Luxembourgers are exempt from visa if the stay for tourist purposes does not exceed 15 days. Beyond 15 days, you must hold a tourist visa valid for an entry for a stay up of 30 days.

Visas can be issued by a Laotian diplomatic or consular representation and by most border posts.

The tourist visa can be renewed, in particular by contacting the Vientiane immigration office for the sum of US$ 2 per day. A penalty of US$ 10 per day will be applied if the validity of the visa is exceeded.

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