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Visiting friends and relatives (including a formal obligation)

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When applying for a visa to visit friends and relatives, following documents need to be provided:

  • two recent passport size photographs in color taken against a plain cream, light blue or light grey background. One photo should be pasted (not stapled) on the form and the other photo to be given along with the application;
  • national passport valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the Schengen Area (however, in a justified case of emergency this obligation may be waived). The passport must have been issued within the previous 10 years and shall contain at least 2 blank pages. You must present 1 copy of the data page of the passport as well as all the copies of your Schengen visas issued during the last 3 years, if applicable;
  • proof of sponsorship if an inviting party is financing your stay in Luxembourg (and the other Member States, if applicable) through the formal obligation letter in original ( engagement de prise en charge ) duly filled out, dated and signed by the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs;
  • proof of relationship with the inviting party (friend): as applicable, a photocopy of the bio data page of the passport and travel history of the sponsor in case of non-legal relationship, proof of correspondence (boyfriend / girlfriend);
  • copy of Real Estate Property (title-deed), bank account, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children (if relevant, or other proof of social or financial ties in Thailand);
  • proof of a round-trip airplane reservation;
  • original certificate of employment or equivalent from your employer/company/school/organization in Thailand – stating position, length of employment, and the confirmation that the adequate leave/vacation has been granted;
  • travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen countries covering all risks for the whole duration of stay with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000. Coverage may include: accident, emergency medical care, hospital based treatment and repatriation. For multiple entry visas, the duration of the insurance contract shall be a year. Applicants can provide a policy from an insurance company based in Europe or in Thailand, for the latter please find the complete list of eligible insurance providers under the link " travel medical insurance". Any other submitted insurance from a Thailand based company will be rejected;
  • minors less than 18 years of age, if traveling alone, have to provide a written consent certified by a public notary of both parents (or legal guardians) having actual custody of the minor. If traveling with one parent only, a written consent certified by a public notary of the other parent is required. If one parent has sole custody, a Court Order bestowing this state of affairs must be submitted. These documents must be legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs first, and finally translated by a sworn translator.


Important notice: Please note that you might be required to provide additional documents.


What is a formal obligation ("Engagement de prise en charge")?

A formal obligation establishes that a person residing in Luxembourg accepts to undertake towards the Luxembourg state to bear the living costs (including medical costs) and return costs for a visa applicant who is not a citizen of the European Union, in accordance with article 4 of amended law of 29th August 2008 on free movement of persons and immigration.