Luxembourg and Belgium Day in Thailand


To mark Belgium & Luxembourg Day in Thailand, the two Embassies joined the BeLuThai Chamber of commerce on 27th of November 2020 for a full day of exciting company visits!

The day started early with a visit to Theptex Co., a manufacturer of pure natural latex cores specializing in tailoring entirely to the needs of its costumers, before delighting in the sweet treats of Gallothai Co., founded in 1993 by a Belgian emigrant with the conviction of bringing the taste of real Belgian chocolate to Thai consumers. After lunch, the BeLuThai members visited Guardian Industries, a leading worldwide manufacturer of float glass and fabricated glass products for the commercial and residential construction industries as well as for the automotive industry and whose Europe & Asia Headquarter is located in Luxembourg. The day ended successfully with a Multi-Chamber Networking Night hosted by BeLuThai at the Royal Varuna Yatch Club in Pattaya.

What did we learn? Businesses have been severely hit by the pandemic, but in crisis there is also opportunity: innovation, diversification and access to e-commerce platforms have in many ways been key to survival and success.


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