Exhibition “Women in Resistance”

Chuu Wai Nyein – Femmes en Résistance, Street Performance in Paris


The Embassy of Luxembourg is proud to have been able to support the coming together of the exhibition “WOMEN IN RESISTANCE” at the Abbaye de Neimënster in Luxembourg. In times where freedom of expression is threatened in their home country, the talented and engaged artists Nge Lay, Mayco Naing and Chuu Wai Nyein all have in common to question the role of women in Burmese society and the situation of ethnic minorities.

At the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on December 10th, Luxembourg’s Ambassador-at-large for Human Rights Anne Goedert joined the artists as well as commissioner Marie-Pierre Mol from the Intersection Art Gallery in Singapore for a roundtable discussion. They talked about the need to ensure accountability for human rights violations in Myanmar since the coup d’Etat in February 2021, Luxembourg’s feminist foreign policy and the fact that sustainable peace requires the active and real participation of women at all levels of the process. As part of our mandate to the Human Rights Council (2022-2024), Luxembourg also committed to establishing a platform to support human rights defenders.

Organized by the Institut Français du Luxembourg, the Embassy of Luxembourg in Bangkok as well as the Ministry of Culture contributed to this important project by supporting the finalization and transportation of the artworks to Luxembourg and the organization of the round table discussion.

If you happen to be in Luxembourg, please visit the exhibition which will be open until February 6th 2022.

For more info, have a look at the website of the Neimënster.

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