A Luxembourg mobile operator has developed technology that can identify scams


The Luxembourg’s telecoms sector has produced a tool to fight cyber attacks over telecoms networks, including suspicious text messages sent to defraud consumers.

The software, which monitors telecoms networks for signs of intrusion, was developed by Cyberforce, a division of Post Luxembourg, the country’s integrated telecoms, financial services and post office company. Though it was initially created to protect Post Luxembourg’s own banking and telecoms customers — including EU institutions such as the European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank — Cyberforce is now selling the tool to external customers, including larger peers in the telecoms sector. Cyberforce, which was launched in 2018, is a product of the tiny market that Post Luxembourg serves. For small telecoms companies like Post Luxembourg, the only way to grow is to develop innovative new services that they can sell to larger peers. The need to find new sources of revenue became more pressing after Reding’s clampdown, which hit operators in small countries dependent on tourism and business travellers hard.

Lead the story in Financial Times published in February 2021.

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