Luxembourg is turning the spotlight on its unique culinary heritage during the Francophonie festival


Every year in March, the members of the Francophonie gather around the world to promote not only the French language and the diversity of Francophone cultures but also the values that are at the heart of the Francophonie: solidarity, humanism, peace, democracy, human rights and diversity. Expect a month filled with theater plays, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, cinema, or even unique educational activities that will be happening throughout the countries of the region!

This year, we decided to add a culinary note to Luxembourg’s engagement with the region. Indeed, on Tuesday the 16th of March, the Embassy of Luxembourg will participate in the Francophone-EAT! – a series of 8 online masterclasses with renowned Chefs from different countries of the Francophonie. Together with Luxembourgish TV chef and food journalist Anne Faber, we are looking forward to bringing a true Luxembourgish classic called “Kniddelen” – our version of dumplings – accompanied by a spicy apple compote to South-East Asia.

Since starting her award-winning food blog Anne’s Kitchen in 2010, Anne has written 5 cookbooks and hosts a regular cooking TV show in Luxembourg. Heavily influenced by her travels across the world, and in particular Asia, Anne has dedicated one entire season of her show to the culinary delights she discovered in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo. She trained as a chef at Alain Ducasse in Paris and has been cooking for events at Luxembourg embassies across the world, including Beijing, Tokyo and Washington DC.

In her video, Anne will guide you step-by-step through the recipe, share personal anecdotes and extracts from her show and talk about her experience cooking this particular dish with students at the Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality.

The event is free for all and the recipe will be posted (in EN and FR) along with the video on the 16th of March on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the Embassy of Luxembourg.

Finally, Luxembourg will also once again promote its young yet growing animated film industry by screening the movie “Les Hirondelles de Kaboul” on the 11th of March at the Alliance Française in Singapore. This critically acclaimed, animated film (2019) portrays the stories of two couples living under Taliban rule in Kabul in the nineties and the ways their fates become intertwined by a dangerous act of humanity. The film will be screened in French with English subtitles. We pleased to confirm that the screening will be followed by a short live Q&A session with the director of the film Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec. You can purchase your ticket via the website of the Alliance Française in Singapore.

Have a look below at the diverse and rich programmes of the Francophonie Festival in Thailand and Singapore. 


Program in Thailand in 2021 (PDF)


Click on the illustration above (Singapore)

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